Living Earth Uganda (LEU) a company limited by guarantee was contracted by Total energies E&P B.V to implement the project titled: Provision of Agricultural Support Services under Tilenga RAPS 2-5 in Hoima, Buliisa and Kikuube districts. The organization is seeking proficient Firms/ Individuals for supply of the following goods and services;

Item description

 a) Supply of breeding animals (cows and goats)

 b) Supply of nursery tree seeds and seedlings.

 c) Supply of crop (maize, cassava, vegetables, grafted fruit, pasture seeds)

 d) Supply of post-harvest technologies for processing and storage facilities.

 e) Supply of Agro chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides

Requirements and Procedures

  1. Expression of interest will be conducted in accordance with Living Earth Uganda Procurement, Policy and Disposal Policy.
  2. Firms/individuals interested should send their expression to Living Earth Uganda by 27.06.2022 and attach supporting documents that may include but not limited to the following;

a) Name and physical address of the firm/individual on the letterhead, telephone contacts, emails etc.

b) List of directors/proprietors’ name, address and passport size photograph (2 copies)

c) Certificate of incorporation/business name.

d) Articles and memorandum of association or partnership deed for partnership.

e) Company profile evidencing completed related assignments

f) Ownership/availability of equipment like transport trucks

g) Valid URA taxation documents if available.

h) Audited books of accounts for the last 3 financial years.

i) Valid trading license for calendar year 2022.

j) Applicants are free to apply for more than one item separately.

k) Registration certificates with National suppliers Database (NSD) maintained by the petroleum authority of Uganda for service providers in the oil and gas sectors if available.

Note; All submissions shall be subjected to verification and any falsification of facts will lead to automatic disqualification.

  1. Applications for the expression of interest should be addressed to;

To The Procurement Officer

Living Earth Uganda    

P.O. Box 28694, Kampala, Uganda.

  1. For clarification please call office line 0414 531246 during working hours 8am-5pm Monday - Friday not later than 22/6/2022
  2. Applications filled in triplicate (1 original and 2 copies) should be hand delivered to any of our offices below;

Head office Plot 409 Canon Njuba Road Nakulabye, Hoima office plot 11 Tayali drive Kijjungu, Buliisa office located at Hoima-Bullisa road near district headquarters or emailed to and not later than 27/06/2022


27 Jun 2022 - 5:00pm
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Call For Proposals and Bids for Consultancies in LEU'S Jobs & Oil Project

Living Earth Uganda calls for proposals and bids for two consultancy work in their 'Jobs and Oil Project' from those qualified as per Terms of Reference (TORs). See details below on each of the consultancy calls and download the TORs to guide your proposal / bid preparation.

We seek for qualified individuals that are interested in the development and delivery of a teacher training course/modules for teachers of Mathematics and Science(s) in secondary schools. The intervention is also referred to as Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (abbreviated to STEM). The STEM program will be implemented in Secondary schools in Hoima and Buliisa. The ToT will cover the aspects of teaching methodology in view of an emerging oil economy in Hoima and Buliisa Districts in Uganda.


Uganda will soon be joining the list of oil producing nations following recent discoveries of vast reserves. This news has been a source of excitement for many with the deposits holding huge economic potential. However, as experience has demonstrated, the wealth generated from the oil industry does not necessarily entail improved living conditions or greater employment opportunities to local communities.

The Jobs and Oil project aims at improving employment possibilities and participation in decision-making processes for disadvantaged groups in Western Uganda – Hoima, Buliisa and Masindi. It will strengthen micro enterprises and facilitate participation of women and young people to engage with the products and services that come alongside the oil industry and through stakeholder forums. This will empower the local community to be included in the process of decision-making as well as taking advantage of the economic opportunities that will emerge.

This programme is jointly funded by the EC, DFID and Comic Relief. Comic Relief is funding an objective focused specifically on developing enterprises in rural communities that neighbour national parks and reserves. This assignment will support the development of these activities, providing an assessment of the training gaps of different owners and managers of rural enterprises.

1 Jan 2015 - 5:00pm
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