Livelihood Programs
Start Date: 
March 2022
End Date: 
March 2025
Overall Objective: 

To support farmers to access and utilize good agricultural practices so as to improve their household income levels within Buliisa, Kikuube and Hoima Districts.

Specific Objectives: 
  • To improve crop production and support HHs to restore or enhance the food basket at HH level.
  • To restore the agricultural production capability in the affected villages to that before the loss of the proposed area so that it is able to cater for domestic food needs (food security) and trade a modest surplus in good years.
  • Where possible, to improve the productivity and profitability of farming enterprises without compromising the environment.
  • To improve the knowledge of farmers through advice and training, and their opportunities through access to inputs and credit.
  • Assist PAPs to replant lost trees and curtail the rampant environmental degradation
  • To restore access to livestock grazing and paddock land
  • To improve quality of pastures with improved pasture seeds
  • To train farmers in good livestock management practices