Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Start Date: 
February 2002
End Date: 
February 2004
Overall Objective: 

Living Earth Uganda implemented the Public Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment (PPPUE), 2002-2004 funded by UNDP for a period of 2 years during which timeframe, LEU, piloted a number of PPP projects in 6 urban/peri-urban areas in Uganda. This project was part of a global PPPUE strategy. The project objectives included supporting partnerships between government, business and civil society; developing sound policy frameworks for private sector participation in local services; strengthening managerial, technical and organizational ability of municipalities to conduct PPP (public-private partnership) development; helping to introduce environmentally sound concepts, practices and technologies and generating employment, training opportunities and lessons for the benefit of urban dwellers in developing countries.

Project Acitivites: 

The project activities included provision of overall management and technical support for the PPPUE initiative in Uganda, Encouraging the expansion of PPPUE within the Local Authorities and communities, promoting the PPPUE approach to donor agencies and the private sector to support the expansion of activities, developing participatory training materials with Local Authorities and communities and coordinating seminars and workshops among local partners.