John Byaruhanga, 57, is the Director of Buswekera Farm, in Hoima Municipality. Mr. Byaruhanga tells of how knowledge from Business Management Training has transformed him to a farmer who can now easily identify profit making enter- prises, and avoid the would be loss making ones.

He says that for the last 10 years, his farm has been involved in production of fruits and vegetables (horticulture). That on one fateful day while listen- ing to a radio program, he came to learn of Living Earth Uganda’s training opportunities on Business Management. He applied and was offered the op- portunity to train. He trained in making of busi- ness plans, building business relationships, cashflow projections, record keeping and management, marketing, customer care, and business registration.

Mr. Byaruhanga further stresses that the training enabled him to enhance his knowledge in business planning. He is now able to develop a work plan. He can also budget for his activities. He is able to project his short, medium, and long term profits from his farm. He further tells that he can effectively predict how much profit he will make from January to December, for the next five years.

“After training, I now have relevant skills to mar- ket my produce, and supply them in Hoima Central Market, hotels, and schools in Hoima. I have also learnt that it is important to involve family members in budgeting, and managing of farm activities. As a team we discuss, and agree on which enterprise is profitable.” says the Director of Buswekera Farm.

“The business plan triggers me to stick to the set targets” - John Byaruhanga

Tuesday, February 8, 2022
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