By: Nelson Kukundakwe
Date: 04/11/2022

Denis Mwesigwa, the livestock specialist at (LEU) Inspecting some of the Boran bulls in Nyamasoga.

Today, our team of livestock specialists visited city farm and Rwenkikyukyu farm on a due diligence exercise to potential suppliers of livestock.

This is in a bid to ensure quality assurance of potential suppliers of livestock inputs that we (LEU) shall soon procure for Project Affected Persons (PAPs) under the Livestock improvement services for Agricultural support services project in Hoima, Buliisa and Kikuube district.

Located in Nyamasoga village, Kabale subcounty-Hoima district; City and Rwenkikyukyu farms are among the several, from which we shall get the livestock supply, once quality standards are met.

“At least 50 of breeding bore goats, will be given out to 2339 of these breeds to Project Affected House Holds and we are optimistic that they will help these families in their livelihood restoration process” says Denis Mwesigwa, the livestock specialist at Living Earth Uganda

Prior to this, PAHs were mobilized and trained on proper management practices of these live stocks 

“Most of our people (PAPs) were initially practicing traditional methods of animal rearing and they had challenges with extension and information advisory. We introduced improved varieties such as these breeds of goats to help them improve their returns and gave them the necessary training, mentoring and coaching to achieve maximum results”, says Moses Bogere, the Assistant Agronomist, Livestock.

Moses Bogere, the livestock specialist Inspecting the Boer bucks in Nyamasoga in Hoima District

Friday, November 4, 2022
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