Who We Are

Living Earth Uganda (LEU) is a national NGO that was established and formally registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute, 1989 and licensed to operate in Uganda in September 1999. LEU promotes awareness and skills creation in environmental, Socio-economic, developmental and humanitarian programmes, to prompt communities and other stakeholders to translate the right ideas into action.


"Is of a Living Earth where people learn and act together to help sustain the systems and resources necessary for a fullfilled life."

Our Mission

"To turn ideas into action, working with people to resolve their environmental and socio-economic concerns"

Our Goals

Living Earth Uganda aims to:

  • Promote learning approaches that develop people's ideas, skills and self-confidence in relation to environmental, Socio-economic, developmental and humanitarian programmes. 
  • Develop partnerships that demonstrate how communities, government and businesses can work together on environmentanl. socio-economic, developmentanl and humanitarian issues through dialogue and negotiation.

Current Strategic Direction (Priorities)

Living Earth Uganda current strategic plan focuses on complementing the evolving development landscape and Government of Uganda’s development priorities, as well as sustainable development goals focusing on 5 sectors that includes;

  • Natural resources and environment
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Livelihood
  • Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Youth economic empowerment

Core Values

1. Respect
2. Integrity
3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
4. Accountability 
5. Stewardship